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The Donald appears to be making a difference but admittedly as a novice supporter it is hard to tell. I rooted for him mainly because he wasn’t a NWO globalist sellout like Clinton or a Bush or a Romney or a McCain and he has high energy and I believe actually loves America so in reality he was the only one to support in flyover country. I would have said Ted Cruz but he loves Goldman Sachs like all the other  selected politicians (except Trump of course), but that fibber admits it more because of his globalist wife (I mean his partner).

That being said it appear Trump is helping the MIC sell weapons to SA, but he has people that he needs to throw bones to so I get it, but now those backward folks are mad at Qatar because they have a bunch of natural gas and nicer buildings and better NYC marketing. I voted for The Donald because I was hoping to avoid stupid wars and it appears he wants to avoid war with Russia which is good, but he’ll let the ME go to hell. +1 point for that choice because, well they all hate each other and will kill for not much more than a grain of sand or 72 virgins who just lay there and say oh that is good, not much of a reward, let alone 72 of them complaining, the Devil is a sneaky bastard that is for sure.

Other than that, The Donald has played the MSM media and the NE Poison Ivy League Establishment like a fiddle, which is funny, though he may be part of their ploy so I’ll give it some time before I decide. I doubt it based of SNL skits, the covfefe memes, the outright hatred, lies, Russia Russia Russia, and staged CNN London killing media ops. Hell, Comey can’t even keep his story straight but all we know is Hillary didn’t have ‘intent’ because well he said so which makes his fictionalized story meaningless like most bureaucrats and politicians.  All those fibbers do is lie, because that is what the Poison Ivy League taught them to do, and then they all just protect the one party system we all pretend is a two party system staff by the same vermin.

At the end of the day, never trust the gov’t, that means the MSM, schools, universities, or any alphabet agency. Their contrived data and messages are shit and at the end of the day it is all bullshit and lies to deprive the average person of wealth, freedom and liberty. This just isn’t in America it is across the globe and their messages and lies would make Goebbles blush in solidarity but then again he was one of them. Fascism/Nazism/Communism didn’t die, it was just repackaged as democracy and freedom with what you think and have been led to believe is an actual choice with your meaningless vote.

The BureaucraticSlave