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I love this article from the Denver Post because it helps to reinforce the death of an outdated institution destroyed by Progressives. The men of this era may have said enough is enough and they have decided to say screw regressive thoughts and said we’ll plow our own road and make our own way without needless indoctrinated debt.


I went to college and I found it to be good to get a job 10-15 years ago because that is what was expected of me, but at the same time I found it boring, tedious, needless, insulting, a waste of time and full of of lies and false expectations, but this new crop of students are smarter and obviously have gotten online and read the reviews. Don’t go into needless debt and blow 150k for something you could get for $1.50 in late fees at the local library. 

School debt is part of the prescribed program to control you by Uncle Sam, the same Uncle Sam who steals 20-40% of your income from the local to the Federal level, that is right you are nothing but a slave to the USA Inc., so why waste the debt when on the Internet it is free.  This is ironic because Al Gore/Gov’t created the Internet so use it to your advantage to break your chains of slavery and convert them to avenues of freedom.

If you ever want to know the true purpose of gov’t indoctrination I highly recommend reading any thing from John Taylor Gatto, as he’ll open your eyes to why the world and government is what it is. In his books you’ll find out why the best people don’t run this country or any country, only those who are ethically challenged or who can be blackmailed for sins will be ‘selected to be elected’ to screw you over will be chosen to serve you. This is why the UN rapists or the pedophiles get ‘selected to be elected’ to Congress/EU (Dennis Hastert) and the Catholic Church priests still walk free, it is a select club and we aren’t invited nor do you want to be.

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