Never Look a Gay Mexican in the Mouth

The Kakistocracy

For a few years in the bloom of youth a crew of us would periodically attend a local NFL home game. The point of which being much less to exhort the efforts of African mercenaries than to leer at cheerleaders and enjoy the camaraderie of drunken bullshitting. Though there was one game when even those pleasant diversions seemed insufficient, and so we trooped out of the stands looking for misadventure.

One of our party suggested the day would be a complete loss if the second half were to commence without our viewing it from one of the stadium’s lavish luxury boxes. We all agreed that was certainly the case, with the only acknowledged impediment being our lack of box-seat credentials–and that wasn’t impediment enough.

So we slipped past a disinterested guard on the mezzanine and made our way to a stately row of locked doorways. About to either give up…

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Wake Up

People, please wake up that gov’t isn’t the answer. The whole point of this website is to tell you work will not set you free and that taxes on labor is the just wrong on so many levels. Just wake up and know you’ve been lied to and that gov’t schooling is just a reinforcement of a terrible idea of conformity to a corrupt state ran by a few individuals.

Unfortunately the US is ran by the same assholes who run the EU and the UN and when war is wanted that is what they get. The people have long been ignored since Reagan but Donald Trump is different and we all hope for a peaceful world unlike what is preached by the monarchy of the UK and the Vatican who have long profited off of conflict.

It is time to wake to the realities of the modern world and not those of past outdated right of ownership of monarchies and religious institutions who profit off of conflict. Brexit is great and so  is DJT and the world is awaking to the fact how you have screwed us over via the media and schools. The next few years will be interesting for the sub servant class as we decide how to handle your treachery.


DJT POTUS Leadership 2017

On Friday, January 20th, we got a doer, not a puppet. We finally got a person who cares not for the opinion of the press and NE Establishment Class but a guy who gets things done.

Is DJT  a populist movement politician like Teddy Roosevelt, absolutely but he is guy who is part of the lower less monied Establishment class who gets things done, kind of  like Teddy who was part of the Establishment just like his politician hombre FDR who sold us all out.  I haven’t studied Donald John Trump but from what I gather he was of limited pedigreed money and influence, as far as money goes, and went to the finest schools but was always an outsider. The caveat until now though was his classmates were of old European criminal class money and shunned him. He was but a small player at the time but decided to make his mark and territory in New York, and now he wants to make his mark on the World and exact his revenge on those incestual clicks from those PoisonIvyLeague years who are aligned to the British Crown.

Because of his past connections I don’t fully trust him but at the same time I do, yet considering how much the MSM media hates him, I think he will get the job done at the expense of his enemies. I think you have to remember there won’t be the privileged Ivy League criminal class Bushes, the compromised Clintons or the unknown Harvard CIA constructed Obamas who get in his way, but rather a guy who the media and deep State conspired against who spoke to the American people and won, and I pray he won’t become the next JFK, thankfully technology works in our favour. He is also so great those powers that be can’t get squashed and the people now realize they have a a say.

DJT – Best of luck and do more good than harm unlike most of your past POTUS predecessors who sold out the people for the false sense of security.






It’s Never for Free

The Kakistocracy

The worst thing about freedom is other people having it. Most people aren’t sufficiently reflective to understand who they actually have in mind when offering another treacly tribute to liberty. Because every man is easy to convince of his own virtue, most freedom fighters will assert a principled universalism in their advocacy. I want more freedom for everyone.

Probably not.

When men sermonize for this, they almost invariably have themselves or those they sympathize with in mind as its beneficiaries. It’s a rare doctrinaire who urges more freedom for those they despise. Thus whether through cunning or just a lack of self-awareness, championing freedom is a common veil for expanding mine at the expense of yours.

Because liberty is just a socially acceptable range-of-movement. Consider it our sphere of latitude. Make everyone’s expansive enough and the aggressive will remorselessly encroach on the weak. Ultimately, total freedom is the freedom of…

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It is Time 4 War with the Russian Bear?


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I, the Bureaucraticslave @bureaucraticslv might actually be buying the lying liberal MSM fakenews reports that now is time for war with Russia. After all our 17 ‘intelligence’ agencies have all have pointed the finger at the Russian Bear. How do we know this? Well because Hillary said so a few months back and we know the (CIA)  Clintons, like Abe Lincoln, have never told a lie, then again the (CIA) Bushes…OK never mind. I also might add Angel Merkel is doing wonders in Germany for her people by terrorizing them with loving immigrants with varying cultural backgrounds.

Hear me out before you say no or that I’m crazy but I think the world might last a little longer if this war commences.. Today the lying liberal MSM, aka the Democrats/academia/The Intelligentsia/Elitists, are saying the Russians have damning intelligence that Trump watched prostitutes at hotel do some things and the FSB has the film, this is straight out of 007 film From Russia With Love.

Side note: Melania Trump is smoking hot and so was Daniela Bianchi in From Russia With Love, much more so than the man of a women known today as the first lady  Michelle/Michael.

Let me get back on point because Daniela is distracting, but Trump is going to drain the swamp (DC) by taking all the old war mongering profiteers who have done nothing but caused misery via confiscatory taxes on the populace to fight imaginary enemies and putting the ‘lower class’ on the front line to fight their wars, which now include Russia.

‘General’ Lindsey Graham, the effeminate Senator from South Carolina, is going to lead the Rainbow brigade know as Foggy Bottom who will carry the rainbow stars & bars flag proudly against the homophobic Russian Bear. His aide-de-camp and fellow CIA propagandist Anderson Cooper will be stationed just outside the front lines at a Ritz Carlton in Vilnius, Lithuania (I apologize a head of time for giving away your coordinates but when the taxpayers are on the hook for your excessive living conditions we need transparency). They will lead the Poison Ivy League Brigade of Globalist (Communists) to Squash Nationalistic Oppression and will work hand and hand with NATO’s  Brussels Brigade of Bureaucrats. Fortunately for us common folk, none of these self described significantly above average, mostly white, groupthink inspired, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter reassuring, mentality unstable bureaucrats and Ivy League graduates have ever read Napoleonic or WWII history.

General/Senator Graham’s friend and his fellow war mongering and profiteering buddy Senator/General John McCain will continue to work with the ‘moderate’ Islamic rebels created by MI6, NATO and the CIA known as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nursa, Al-MSM, Al-academia, Al-whatever on behalf of unsaid global corporate interests on the Southern front against Mother Russia and the son of bitch Assad who wouldn’t cooperate with Obama/globalists via Syria in Aleppo, oh wait that didn’t work out so well, so McCain’s location today is unknown but he’ll probably arm chair it from the safety of a gated community in Arizona.

The State Department will still utilize John Kerry’s (Lurch) Yale pure breed forged CIA pedigree papers (like the tainted Bushes) to work with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to provide global (in)stability and not profit from said arms running actions. In the mean time Hillary’s server is still being looked for and is an Interpol and FBI High Priority Objective (HPO) that will be continuously overlooked to protect the self imposed monarchy class.  By the way Haiti is still suffering and will not be covered by the press even though Billions of dollars have been promised yet unspent by the CGI, this is akin to the UN troops yet again sexually assaulting the victims (they also don’t pay taxes…whores) of their predictable global fuck ups. When you see blue helmets run, as the saviour is far worse than the enemy.

As we speak, RINO Generals Graham and McCain are now encouraged to mobilize their geriatric DC troops who hate to fight wars themselves but are eager to send others in their place. As an American subject I encourage the rounding up of DC sheep and government reps to serve on the front line, why shouldn’t tyrants be first in line to fight? I think all Presidents, Senators and Representatives should put up their assets as collateral to fight the good fight against tyranny abroad, and lead us all into our fight against oppression they created. I might be willing to pick up the flag once they fall first…

Case and point, the Obama administration was the anti-thesis of transparency and our intelligence agencies learned from the best, blackmail first and then fill in the pieces as that is how you get to the top. Nobody asks because nobodies believes it but why does the Crown still exert so much influence over the supposed free American people. Why do our boys and girls continue to fight Northern European Protestant, Jewish, Islamic and Vatican Catholic Wars? Wars are nothing but profit for the few at the expense of the lower class thanks to media selling us all on the bullshit the owners refuse to fight for themselves. Then again there are exceptions and that would be those willing brainwashed sycophant NAZI Obama/Bush/Clinton Poison Ivy League youth who are the loudest who want this battle against aghast the Russian Nationalists so one day they can work for a government.

To Putin – the vast majority of America will patiently wait to see how this battle unfolds but this is how I see it going down. Ideally Russia will allow us Deplorables, and Trump will eagerly watch with agreement, to graciously allow us to take a timeout to re-access once our first wave of war wanting attackers (McCain, Graham, Ivy League and DC, Goldman Sachs, etc) are sacrificed in the global battle against homophobic tyranny in SW Russia as these lunatics once again ignore history and say this time it will be different, much as they always to when Europe attacks Russia. After a week we can meet at a nice place and have some drinks and acknowledge we all saved the world in a timely and efficient manner.

The End

The Bureaucratic Slave @bureaucraticslv

Donald Trump is the real deal

I can’t remember the last time I posted as I’ve been relying on my Twitter postings to gain followers. None of that matters really as I only post as it is cheaper than a pharmaceutical copay. I was on the TrumpTrain early on if you look at my posts, one because he wasn’t a Bush/Clinton insider and two because he spoke his mind, which Romney nor McCain could ever figure out. The damn ‘experts’ screwed them over but Trump said screw you, I’m my own man.

Is Donald Trump perfect, oh hell no, but he loves America which hasn’t been seen since Reagan. Globalism is dying with #Brexit and now Trump and Italy climbing on board and most of the EU countries who hate Brussels, which is all of them. It is interesting how the Goldman Sachs and PoisonIvyLeague along with Oxford and Cambridge are licking their wounds and they should be. The people are the power and now they are standing their ground. This is a good thing, as the common man no longer believes the lies of the government and her media #MSM allies. #Fakenews is the fun adaption of the #MSM #Fakenews gov’t propaganda arms coming to the realization that the Internet beat them to a pulp at their own game by a bunch of rebels, kind of like the Red Coats losing to a bunch of American farmers.

The real question though is with the advent of the Internet is government necessary? Multi-National Corporations run governments as they have a symbiotic relationship but both screw over 95% of the population, so are either of them necessary and do the large Corporations only exist because they bought government to protect their brands?

It is a Brave New World, so all you bureaucraticslaves it is time to arise up and throw off the shackles of enslavement and be free, no longer should labor be taxed, no longer should only the chosen few get all the benefits of gov’t decree.




USA Political Theatre 2016


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Isn’t America Great? In 2016 we have a known liar in Hillary Clinton who hasn’t spoke the truth since before the Carter administration vs. Donald ‘The Lion’ Trump who says whatever he wants, which is actually a breath of fresh air.

In a country of 300 million+ these are our two best candidates. In short, the game is rigged and we are all suckers. Granted, people with morals don’t run for office, as anyone ‘serving’ in DC is there because of their unmentioned pasts. Rape, pedophile, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, stealing, murder, lying or any other proclivity that puts a NSA/FBI/CIA skeleton is in your closet that makes you malleable and acceptable to the Poison Ivy League/UK Crown/Vatican then welcome aboard to selling our your fellow countrymen and women. In a nutshell the House or the Senate and most definitely the POTUS. (Funny how most come from the same ‘educational’ background) Please don’t expect the media to investigate. The few good journalists die, the bad ones get a potion of power to protect.

Being a Senator must be such a prestigious honour but being a Representative is a little more tricky as you actually have to pretend to love the people more often. As a Senator you can lie, cheat, steal and all of this is encouraged to hold your place of power but in the House the DC/Poison Ivy League Establishment runs into a little trouble.

DC is a den of thieves and crooks, populated by the worst mankind has to offer (Poison Ivy League frat boys and lesbian women). They pretend to offer us salvation but for a price of labor and asset taxes so in reality we own nothing. Ironically, the US Constitution is the most ignored document in DC,  as the criminals and thieves surround themselves with the law, men and women now protect the most vicious criminals with guns. So the law is actually mandating protecting the biggest thieves around , it makes the mafia look like preschool teachers with their overreaching scams and theft. If only the FBI, DOJ and other alphabet agencies did their jobs and not succumb to political ideology.

Yeah, the FBI broke up the mafia but they can’t find a crime in DC, this is very ironic and actually proves the FBI only serves the Federal Corporation. Funny, since Hoover liked to put on dresses and blackmail people like himself with odd habits. DC is about blackmail and with said blackmail control. If you want to run for office have plenty of skeletons in your closet as you’ll serve not the Republic but the Empire very well, and be reworded for your service and depravity.

Today there is no USA, only a corrupt bunch of corporate bastards and bitches who rule over us by their supposed birthright and interconnecting ownership protected by the IRS. They use and create the ‘law’ to protect themselves and their allies and we see that in this faux election process. They killed JFK and they tried to kill Reagan and they’ll try again and again when people get in their way. Our gov’t taught history in grade schools, Universities is but fiction and our corrupt media only harm human advancement as we continue to regress towards the mean of barbarism.

Do not trust the government and do not trust their allies in the media. Think for yourself as since at least 1850 our history is as corrupt as the Obama and Bush(s) soon to be fixed Clinton administrations. These people aren’t patriots, they only serve to enrich themselves and strive for a NWO to rule over us all with an iron fist. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine but we won’t.

Good Night America,

The Kansas Kracker





Washington DC is a Joke, a Den of Theives


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James Comey comes out and outlines all of the mistakes Hillary Clinton made but says her intent wasn’t bad so no crime was committed. Basically he said no one in Washington’s DC insider crowd can be convicted of crime unless it is heinous and only if they get caught. However, the rest of us proletariat non Poison Ivy League, Washington/NYC insider schmucks, well you’d all be guilty in our two tiered UnJustice System. Freedom and Liberty be damned if you aren’t in the in crowd so I’ll introduce you to a phrase called Jury Nullification. That is a term the gov’t indoctrination school system doesn’t want you to hear. Why? The law today we are supposed to believe only protects the Establishment class, like the corrupt Clintons.

How can about 5 thousand people rule over the country with an iron first when they are immune from the laws they pass? USA Gov’t excludes themselves from their own laws. Here is another act of treason California Senate excludes themselves from their own gun laws.  This shit is no different than James Comey, the head of the worthless FBI (fake hair samples for years) and a bunch of asshole Ivy League jock fraternity secret society  rapists pedophiles, (it is called blackmail and DC/London/Brussels/UN runs on the the blackmail fuel), saying he can’t press charges against Hillary because he doesn’t want to end up dead like so many others, and someday maybe me.

Hell the FBI, a fake law enforcement agency that only exists to protect the DC/NE/NY Poison Ivy League Establishment class, as they couldn’t find a government criminal in DC unless they showed up at their door with a bag of Afghan dope (that is why we are there), can tell us how great they are and pat themselves on the back. Hoover was gay (not a big deal) but blackmail was how the FBI got their power. I’m assuming Hoover hated Catholics/Vatican and WOP Italians so they rubbed them out because they thought the closet Poison Ivy League (gay/pedophile) WASP (Epstein pedophile island) mafia could do it better but they couldn’t but that lead to the German/Vatican alliance after WWII. Then again the Vatican is no holy angel of an entity so in the end I’m not sure what happened. FDR loved the atheist uncle Joe Stalin but many in the US, like the Bushes pappy, liked the Fascists Hitler. In the end Gov’t won (Socialism) and the people lost as this goes back to WW1, but don’t expect to read that in your gov’t/corporate owned propaganda history books.

Did you know the USA invaded Russia? I didn’t know that until after my college indoctrination was complete in 2001. Why did my gov’t schooling not tell me that long ago? Why didn’t they tell me a lot of shit long ago that they did? True history is a rabbit hole we all need to explore but the powers that be (TPTB) don’t want us to because it doesn’t end well.

War is theft, war is also sacrificing the young by the old for their own glory. Islam, The West, Communism, Fascism, we’ve all been sold a river of lies if we’d just wake up but the political indoctrination is hard to overcome. Afghanistan used to be visited by peaceful hippies and no problems but then the gov’t they love so much caused lots of problems (then again Afghanistan also ruined Alexander the Great, UK, Russia and now the US), that and poppy plants but then again HSBC got their start there. Who loves poppies and oil? Gov’t, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Big business, lobbyist firms, UN, EU  and  addicts who make all this bullshit happen because big government won’t legalize drugs.

Why is the UK and US and the Bank of England (BOE) and the Federal Reserve Bank against legalizing drugs for commerce purposes and I’d love to hear MI6 and the CIA’s white paper on how they profited off of the war and drugs. Then again that is why we had a Vietnam war for corporations to profit, just like the 100 years before that….sssshhhh don’t tell that BS to the people or they may revolt…

I want to remind my few readers that Gov’t debt isn’t owed by the citizens but by the politicians and the government corporate entities who signed the legislation utilizing the citizens as chattel. The people owe nothing only the shell corporate state owes the unpayable debt obligations and/or the signers (Senate and Representatives)  of said debt, but the people are not liable. Let us use the UCC law against the liars/thieves/whores in DC/London/NYC/Brussels/ etc  who try and deceive us that we are liable for their hubris. 

America is no different than other countries. Our debt is only owed by our unelected and fake selected/elected signers, we the people owe nothing (we signed nothing) despite what the gov’t owned papers say. I’m not guilty for paying and neither are you but George Bush, Al Gore, Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Nancy Peolsi, Diane Fienstein, etc are liable to our debt holders..

Let the Games begin…






We should just remain silent, Gov’t the modern day Mafia

The following is from an email I received but be sure to read my snarky comments at the end, but then again we should remain silent like our gov’t masters have taught us…bah bah bah. Hell they even threaten us with jail if we speak out. I really don’t know if these threats or the ‘Patriot Act’ under fake patriot Bush II was worse. DC is out of control and is staffed by treasonous psychos, a lot who came with recommendations from the Poison Ivy League schools. England and the EU are no different, so is the World so perhaps the people should beat up the bullies. The daily wage slaves are owned by the Establishment who screw us over everyday. No Government on the planet works for the people that is a lie sold by the papers and web addresses supported by said criminals. The mafia was far better than the gov’t mafia of today. They had honor, codes and took care of any problems and that is why the gov’t rubbed them out, they hate competition, especially when it provides better service. Today, they just cover up their crimes with the help of the media they own. Perhaps we need more gov’t education to believe their every day lies…

We R all Slaves

If you’ve been screwed by the System please shoot me an email. If the police raided your house and you were the wrong the person. If the courts are screwing you over because you are a white heterosexual male. If you’ve been wronged please email me at

I’m not going to say I’ll publish it on my blog I just want people to know that our system is corrupt beyond comprehension. That Americans aren’t free people and that lie needs to die sooner rather than later. The best we can do is throw it out for public consumption…

If you are collecting rain water and it pisses off  the powers that be we need to know it. If a lawsuit it bullshit then send me an email and I’ll post it and any links you have. The people should be free. Freedom isn’t outdated but government is and they only have themselves to blame. Has your kid been wronged in school? Suspended for wearing the battle flag of Northern Virginia in Virginia or TX perhaps? the most racist people live in DC and graduated of NE poison Ivy League Universities but the NYTimes and WAPO won’t disclose this info. DC, like the UN is one of the most racists places on the the face of the Earth.

All I want is stories to tell the world that the USA isn’t free and that is what pisses me off the most. I used to believe the fiction but I like many are no longer blinded by the lies of NY/DC/MSM and if you are a man who has been screwed over by the courts please send your story my why, if you want to make a fake name I’m OK with it.

I just want the untold to be told. I want people to have a voice again.

The Kansas Kracker,

Make America Great Again not by electing Donald Trump or by electing the outsider who has an outside chance but do it for your kids and grand-kids so they don’t get steamrolled by a corrupt bureaucratic system. Donald Trump may be the best thing that happened to America because unlike the Bushes and Clintons he cares about you and me.