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These posts only serve to piss you off as I saved them but they are dated so I’m not offering my comments. Thought they should still piss you off.

ACA Bailouts the Insurance Industry – I guess they actually wrote and paid off the whores of Congress to pass this law.

D’Souza goes to prison but Goldman Sachs lackey and NJ Democrat Governor Jon Corzine (D) walks.

VA in Miami is corrupt and deals drugs.

Lord Monckton on the Intolerable Left.

Pat Sajak tweet ruffles the feathers of the leftist groupthink cult by doing what they do when they lose an argument. Keep up the good work. I hate to use CNN but the are the TMZ of ‘news’. The Climate has changed for millions of years, get over it you assholes and the governments which steal from us all for their own personal gain want more because of greed. So CNN’s interview is done by a bunch of idiots who haven’t read the old testament, though shalt not steal (not even the gov’t whores – John Kerry – yacht). I’d try and explain this to college students but they are a lost cause. By the way Pat, my 6 year old love watching Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 every night on our local Fox station. I had to say that because I’m a free thinking asshole who never conformed to gov’t education…I mean indoctrination.

Speaking of the global carbon lies of death and destruction, why hasn’t a major hurricane hit the US in 3,100 days. Al Gore, where are you? Shouldn’t these be weekly MSM covered events according to the gov’t paid ‘scientists’ who are Joseph Goebbels paid forecast whores who graduated from some Poison Ivy League lie machine who only support the MSM and the constant fibs coming out of Washington DC so they can tax us to death so they can live the good life?

I’ll leave you with this gem of a Democrat talking down a minority Hispanic and telling people to send them back where they came from. I for one can’t believe the party of the KKK would ever insult a Latino, let alone a white male Democrat saying this about a female Hispanic Republican…I believe it and this has been the case all along. Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, etc… these people are just selected ‘not elected’ individuals willing to sell out their own people for a few bucks. Harry Reid, George Bush (I and II), Clinton, Carter and others do the same to the white people. Latinos are elected to sell out Latinos, Blacks are elected to sell out blacks, Asians are elected to sell out Asians and whites are selected to sell out whites all for a NWO.

In our new technological age do we even need governments? I don’t want a NWO but we could get rid of most of the people at the city, county, state and federal levels and save the taxpayers a lot of headache and overhead. Our ‘elected’ officials love to represent companies who outsource their work to reduce overhead so I believe it is time to act for the people to reduce our overhead and their pensions.

The Kansas Kracker