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Wow, this women and her powwows never cease to amaze me. I don’t know what her excuse will be this time but I’m sure she’ll get a free pass, being a Native American and all (she was after all born here). That isn’t why she’ll get a free pass as the real reason is she is one, she is a democrat, and two, it happened at Harvard and they’ll want to avoid anymore bad press. After all, with how Harvard’s graduates have ran this county and Gov’t into the ground, her lofty status won’t remain too much longer.

Ironically, I actually could give a crap if she has a license as the licensing racket has turned into a red tape bureaucratic nightmare instituted by established companies to protect their profits from competition. (With only our elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats to protect the poor citizens from those evil corporations – who protects us from them is beyond me). If she were a libertarian I’d defend her actions but since she supports nothing but an ever expanding State, I’ll watch her continue to falter from her fictionalized past, until Scott Brown puts out the fire on Nov 6th.

The Kansas Kracker