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Roger Goodell, like Barack Obama, has tainted a perfectly refined product, and in a matter of a few years destroyed the brand. Joe Mays, of the Denver Broncos, (Too be honest I’m a Broncos fan) gets suspended and fined by the NFL for doing his job (tackling the quarterback). This sounds like the rhetoric coming out of the White House and Congress professed by the nightly news.

We will punish the over achievers for doing their jobs, we will raise their taxes and scrutinize their every move for trying to make life for the average American a little more tolerable. We will punish the businessman so the proletariat class will not look to them for guidance but instead default to their bureaucratic masters for the proper direction in life to gain their salvation.

The NFL, like the White House and Congress, has discouraged people from making their lives better by putting up barricades of red tape to stop actions they deem to be dangerous to their careers. What is next? Joe Mays gets a participation ribbon from the NFL and Goodell for practicing restraint by not touching the quarterback and setting a good example for the children. Maybe Troy Aikman and Chris Collingsworth can interview him after the game and say that took courage to lose game and let your team down by not doing your job. After all who cares if you do it right as long as you tried (just ask Obama).  

What is next Roger? Two hand touch, flags, maybe we can put a pink tutu on the QB so he has a fair chance to pass to his receiver. Maybe to make things fair, the defense only can rush four after counting to three Mississippi and we can make it 11 on 9. Just some ideas Roger to make the game a little more exciting for the adults playing the game. 

But rules are rules and they like laws, always open to interpretation and can changes depending on who greases the most palms. 

The Kansas Kracker