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I see those pesky North Koreans are again trying to extort money from the USA, which I might add is becoming a harder commodity to locate, unless you live in DC. Maybe we could send Bill Clinton over with a suitcase of cash or perhaps Jimmy Carter to ‘certify’ their next election. I’m hoping John Kerry and Obama, both Poison Ivy League alums, will call their bluff this time and just ignore their dire warnings.

If I was in charge, I’d call their bluff by seeing how good their scientists are in sending a missile our way. If they can hit Turtle Bay, then I might begin the negotiation process or reward them for their contribution to mankind. As Trey Parker and Matt Stone so eloquently  explained to the world in their blockbuster, Team America: World Police, you can’t negotiate with scum by sending them a worthless piece of paper, yet now that I think of it, Congress does it to the American sheeple all the time and we say OK all is well. I’m not even going to mention our sheepish cousins in the EU.

Sarcasm ain’t it a bitch…yet fully protected under the US Constitution – thanks ACLU

The Kansas Kracker