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November 14, 2013

Alan Grayson forgot his parties affiliations: Alan forgot to look into the DNC’s roots but then again he attacked Allen West for being Republican and a racist…oops. Got to love those black loving Democrats…after all they love them lawyers for throwing black dads in jail for a dime bag so mom can get some gov’t funds and can vote demoncrat for life.

The Baby Butcher of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius never vetted the website to increase Margaret Sanger’s influences to the DNC’s core voting block. It is ironic because my wife is a slav but she and therefore planned parenthood look upon blacks as chattel but they do for the rest of us as well. The bitch hated slavs, blacks and Jews and they all vote for the DNC and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Free shit perhaps from the masses via forced taxation, or should I say slavery?

But then again when the DNC isn’t offering babies to Molach they will devise death panels to offer the elderly as well. Even the Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman say open up the ovens to kill the elderly to save the government, but of course he doesn’t offer himself up for sacrifice like our political elites in DC avoid the same conundrum. I may even be willing to offer myself up to the fiscal ovens if I can take McCain, Reid, Pelosi and their ilk with me but then again they are all too important to the fiscal sanity of our Rome like Republic.

The State is a God: This is what they’ve always wanted and believed. I know the State replaced the mafia with themselves but once they put them in their place they long believed that they could replace the church with themselves. This linked article is spot on. Government today believes they are a God and have longed to replace our kind Master. Their foolishness will soon be known but they act not like Our Benevolent God but his adversary Satan as they fill our world with lies while pretending to be our Overlord. This includes all our bureaucracies such as the CIA (Ivy League) and the FBI which is filled with their same protective masters, ironically or not Wall and K Street and our Congress our filled with the likes of the protective elitist class which looks out for their own. The day of reckoning is coming and soon DC and their idle words and laws will lose their grip on the subjects when we know longer believe your false decrees, just like we don’t trust the UN…

The Kansas Kracker